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Yvonne was just a child when she lost her father. She found herself with an uncle who could not ensure her schooling due to lack of resources. She had to suspend her studies and move to the city to work as a housewife. Then came the death of her first husband. Grieved and in financial difficulties, she decided to return to the village to cultivate the land in order to better care for her children. Unfortunately, Yvonne was unable to realize her dream of becoming a teacher, but she supports herself with her rice field. 


Yvonne is seeking the support of supporters to expand her field by an additional 1 hectare of rice.


Rice being very popular in the region, she hopes to make enough sales to continue to support her first son already in university, because as she says: "the success of my children remains my priority". Her big project is the construction of a small house where she will be able to spend her old age.

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